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As hospital management professionals, it can be overwhelming to keep up with all of the operational mandates that come our […]

Keeping your hospital or assisted living center secure and running smoothly requires more than just the best security systems. To […]

Nurse call systems are a critical piece of equipment for healthcare facilities like hospitals and nursing homes. They provide a […]

Healthcare facilities rely on alarms and notifications to provide quality patient care. Nurse call systems are the star of these […]

Nurse call systems are not just a code requirement for many healthcare facilities. They are an important part of ensuring […]

Nurse call systems are an integral part of many healthcare facilities. These systems improve quality of care and patient safety […]

Healthcare facilities throughout the nation continue to use outdated nurse call systems. This can reduce workflow efficiency and may put […]

Nurse call systems¬†are critical for many different types of healthcare facilities, from hospitals and nursing homes to long-term care facilities. […]