Emergency Radio Systems

Reliable communication is crucial during emergencies, especially for first responders. Historically, emergency responders, such as firefighters and paramedics, utilize 2-way radios during critical events.

The problem, however, is that the construction characteristics of large commercial buildings interfere with the function of the radios, leaving the emergency personnel exposed and without reliable means of communication. In many situations, in fact, first responders are left unable to request help or backup, and without the means to share critical information.

As technology has developed, modern building and fire codes are evolving to require emergency radio systems for the use of first responders. These emergency responder radio communication systems (ERRCCS) help to ensure that public safety radio signals are strong enough for responders to transmit and receive critical communications during emergency situations.

At Wilson Fire Equipment (WFE), we design, provide and install these systems, building the amplification and enhancement equipment necessary to booster the critical radio signals. 

As a part of your comprehensive life-safety approach to protection, WFE will install, test and maintain your critical infrastructure and aid in protecting the lives that protect your own.

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Reliable Communication During Emergencies

ERRCS systems are not just about complying with building and fire codes. These systems keep responders looped into current developments during an emergency.

Clear, effective communication allows first responders to identity potential safety threats to those within the building, and is critical in helping to determine the correct course of action to limit the loss of life and property.

Much like first responders during an event, it is the mission of WFE to help you before an event.

We create customized, effective and reliable emergency radio systems to help you help your responders should an emergency occur.

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“Protecting people and property since 1916”