Mass Notification Systems

Mass notification systems are the ultimate tool for communication and management of emergent situations. Designed to provide direction and real-time information during emergencies for responders and large groups of people, these systems are elegant in both design and concept.

The limitation of a simple alarm in your facility is that provides only limited information. A fire alarm system, for instance, instigates a building evacuation. This is appropriate in the event of a fire, but not for an active shooter, severe weather, or a hazardous material spill? In these instances, evacuation is likely to place your personnel in harm’s way.

This is where mass notification systems come into play. They provide clear, actionable information, such as which exits to use during an evacuation, or to shelter in place for a lockdown situation. Additionally, as the systems are programmed before the events occur, there is no need to make hasty, often incorrect decisions in tense and fear-filled moments.

Mass notification systems also provide accurate real-time information to help reduce panic that can impede your emergency procedures. You can even segment notifications to be sent to different groups. For example, those in Building A need to evacuate, while those in Building B need to start lockdown procedures.

mass notificaiton

You can use mass notification systems on a wide range of communication channels, including:

  • Loudspeakers
  • Phone calls
  • Text messages
  • Emails
  • Smartphone push notifications
  • Desktop notifications
  • Social media notifications

During emergencies, phone carriers can quickly become overloaded and crash, such as during natural disasters or terroristic attacks. For instance, after the Boston Marathon Bombing, cell service went down shortly after the explosions as large numbers of people attempted to use their cell phones for calls and text messages. With mass notification systems, you can send emergency notifications across a wide range of communication channels, including speakers and other communication devices that don’t rely on cell phone networks. This helps ensure no one in your facility is in the dark when they can’t get cell phone service. 

We work with you based on your unique risks and goals to provide you with the custom solutions you need for emergency notifications. We can also integrate your mass notification systems with security and life-safety systems to provide rapid response and easy-to-use real-time emergency notifications.

Safety Communication for Industrial, Medical & School Applications

At Wilson Fire, we design customized mass notification systems to meet your needs. Different industries and organizations will have different communication needs, differing hazards, and different responses. We regularly work with industrial, medical, and educational facilities to provide cutting-edge mass notification systems. 

Industrial facilities face many risks, including things like chemical spills, explosions, and other safety concerns. All these different risks may have different life safety procedures to help keep your people safe. Mass notification systems help communicate exact instructions to get people to safety in your industrial facility. This may include loudspeaker notifications and smartphone notifications to help communicate the nature of the situation and what actions to take. 

In medical facilities, many healthcare providers receive countless notifications a day, which may lead to what’s called alarm fatigue. This is a kind of sensory overload that can lead to missing important emergency alarms and notifications. We help you design your mass notifications to fight this fatigue for increased safety through custom channels and even customized notification types. Our team can help you design and configure your systems to provide distinct alerts that help cut through alarm fatigue, such as custom sounds for specific types of alerts. Whatever works for your healthcare facility, we’re here to help tailor your notification systems to your needs.

Schools also commonly use mass notification systems to help keep students and faculty safe during emergencies. Schools often have various risks that may require lockdowns, evacuations, or other responses. Your mass notification systems need to provide actionable information to students and teachers without causing mass panic. In addition to sending notifications on which safety procedures to follow, you can also program mass notification systems to alert parents and guardians of the situation. Mass notification systems can also come in handy for unexpected closures for weather and other incidents. 

Contact our team now to get started designing a mass notification system ideal for your needs!