Fire Suppression Systems for NFPA Compliance

Fire suppression systems, in all varieties, are designed to extinguish and control fires until firefighters arrive at your facility. These systems are vital for life-safety, property protection, and business continuity. With this level of importance the team you choose for design and installation is critical.

At Wilson Fire Equipment (WFE) we’ve been designing fire suppression systems for decades and offer the latest technology to help protect your facility. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to design fire and life safety systems that are ideal for your needs. Our systems meet and exceed code requirements to help keep your people and your building safe. . 

There are many different fire suppression options. From water to dry chemical to clean agent gasses, WFE will work with you to find the most effective, appropriate and budget-conscious options for your specific hazard.

WFE provides the following suppression system options for your use:

  • FM-200 Clean Agent Suppression
  • Ecaro-25 Clean Agent Suppression
  • Novec 1230 Clean Agent Suppression
  • Water Mist
  • CO2 Total Flood, High and Low-Pressure
  • Dry Chemical
fire suppression

Suppression with Clean Agents & Alternate Options

water mistWhen considering fire suppression, it is common to envision water sprinkler systems. However, newer technology helps extinguish fires faster, and without harming personnel, equipment, or your facility.

Wilson Fire Equipment employs experts who work with fire suppression systems that won’t damage your equipment. Clean agents are gases that help extinguish fires by either reducing heat or oxygen to put the fire out. These are non-toxic, non-conductive, non-corrosive, and leave no residue. The clean agents utilized today are also environmentally friendly and offer zero ozone depletion potential. 

WFE will customize a specific fire suppression system that is hazard and facility-appropriate. Our team evaluates your building and sits down with you to discuss your fire suppression goals to give you not only a compliant fire suppression solution, but an effective and efficient system based on the details of the hazard and its environment.

Get high quality fire suppression systems from our team today! Contact us to learn more and get started.