Intercom and Audio/Visual Systems

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems, widely utilized to provide everything from background music to informational flow between individuals, teachers, administration and departments, are a staple in practically every educational and commercial facility. Wilson Fire Equipment, as an acknowledged leader in low-voltage system design and installation, provides these in hospitals, schools, universities, manufacturing plants, churches and malls.

In recent years, these systems have grown in importance, expanding from a means of convenience and entertainment, into an indispensable life-safety tool, helping to provide critical direction during events such as active shooter episodes, chemical spills, or inclement weather, both quickly and accurately. Multi-channel audio allows for dissemination of voice commands to disparate areas simultaneously, in addition to messages that can be pre-programmed for rapid response.


Local Sound/Audio Systems

These systems are the cutting-edge of advanced presentation for your facility or business. Combining local sound amplification with a feed of high-definition video images, the presentation becomes a dual-sensory experience for the spectators. Applying the same concept as a movie theater, and paired with interactive touchscreen displays, these systems are designed specifically to capture and retain your audience’s attention, a must in an era of multi-tasking and fragmented concentration.