Maintenance for Nurse Call Systems

Patient in bed with recently maintained nurse call systems
Maintenance helps ensure your nurse call systems are working properly at all times.

Nurse call systems are a critical piece of equipment for healthcare facilities like hospitals and nursing homes. They provide a quick and effective way for patients to communicate with healthcare staff. These systems can help patients alert staff to serious issues like falls and other emergencies. It also provides a way for patients to request less urgent things like assistance for the restroom. Therefore, making sure your nurse call systems are in peak condition at all times is essential for maintaining a high level of patient care. Regular maintenance can help you ensure this for your facility. 

If you need nurse call system maintenance or installation, contact our team for help.

Create a Proactive Maintenance Program for Nurse Call Systems

Nurse call maintenance is important for any healthcare facility. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you have a program in place to help you maintain your nurse call systems. Our team can help you create a program and also assist with service solutions for your systems.

Why Maintenance is Important

Regular maintenance and testing for nurse call systems helps in many ways. One of the biggest is that it improves patient safety. Ensuring that your nurse call solutions are working at all times makes sure that nurses and patients can communicate at all times in case of treatment needs or medical emergencies. Malfunctioning systems put your patients at risk. 

Additionally, it can help you avoid unnecessary repairs and replacements. Proactive maintenance prevents breakdowns that cause downtime and require emergency repairs or replacement. This can reduce overall costs for your facility. It can prevent unnecessary repairs and also help extend the service life of your call systems so you pay less in total replacements over time.

Types of Maintenance Needed for Nurse Call Systems

There are many types of maintenance services you may need for your nurse call systems. Regular testing and inspections are a key part of nurse call maintenance. Making sure every component is working properly and inspecting them for any damage or wear and tear can go a long way. For instance, make sure you have regular testing and inspection for pillow speakers, pull cords, call buttons, alarm devices, control stations, and call lights. 

Based on the information from your tests and inspections can help you create a planned maintenance strategy for different components of your call systems. As we mentioned, keeping these life safety systems in top shape is critical for patient care. So, replacing components before they get too worn is a great way to prevent any downtime for your system. 

Also, keep in mind that many modern systems can actually detect faults and errors for you. This way, you know when there’s a problem with your system and can schedule the service you need for your systems.

Lifesafety Solutions from Wilson Fire Equipment

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