Nurse Call Systems: Color-Coordinated Call Lights

hospital patient using nurse call systems to ask for assistance
Nurse call systems help alert healthcare staff when patients need assistance.

Healthcare facilities throughout the nation continue to use outdated nurse call systems. This can reduce workflow efficiency and may put patients at risk. One important part of modern systems is categorizing call types. Multicolored dome lights outside patient rooms is a great way to do this. Let’s talk about call systems and how color-coordinated dome lights can help improve care in your facility. 

The Importance of Nurse Call Systems

Nurse call systems are essential for patient care in many healthcare facilities. These systems provide a simple way for patients to communicate with nurses and caregivers. Depending on your facility, nurses may make regular visits during patient rounds. However, some patients may need something in the meantime, such as some water, assistance to the bathroom, or to request medication for pain. In addition, these systems are important life safety solutions. They allow patients to alert medical staff to falls or other urgent situations. These communication systems improve patient care and staff workflow for many medical facilities. 

Nurse call systems have evolved over time to offer better solutions for communication between patients and nurses. Starting as a simple handbell on the bedside, today’s call systems now use innovative technologies to make communications simpler and more useful for nurses and staff. There are many components of call systems, including the pillow speaker where the patient clicks a button for help, the command center located in the nurse station, and the call light outside the door. Call lights are a visual cue that a patient needs assistance. 

Why Choose Multi-Color Call Lights for Your Healthcare Facility

Older call lights used just one light option for every type of call. If you’re looking to update your nurse call systems, there’s a good chance you have an older system with one of these call lights. However, today’s nurse call lights can help stratify calls to help your staff understand the need before even entering the room or communicating with the patient. Newer lights use multi-colored LEDs to allow you to color code different types of calls. For instance, a call from the shower pull string to indicate a fall or other emergency might turn red, while a request for bathroom assistance might turn blue. Modern call lights can also flash in certain patterns to help provide more information about the call. This helps nurses identify the type of call visually and can also help staff determine whether the patient needs a licensed professional or another staff member. 

Color-coordinated call lights as part of modern nurse call systems help improve patient care and work efficiency for your staff. They can help indicate call urgency visually in a simple way to help your professionals prioritize calls as needed. If you have older, single color call lights, now is the time to upgrade to more modern systems and options. 

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