News & Updates on LifeSafety, Security & Fire Alarms

person tapping card on lock for access control systems

Why Access Control Systems for My Building?

Access control systems can help you improve security for your building and its occupants. There are many benefits of having access control for your building. In …

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WE ARE HIRING – Life Safety & Security Jobs

Looking for a career in the security and life safety industry? Wilson Fire Equipment, Houston’s leader in security and life safety systems, is looking to …

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Pillow speaker for nurse call systems

Everything You Need to Know about Nurse Call Systems

Nurse call systems are critical for many different types of healthcare facilities, from hospitals and nursing homes to long-term care facilities. Today’s systems are incredibly advanced …

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fire extinguishers

Maintenance for Fire Extinguishers: Recharging Canisters

Fire extinguishers are an incredibly important part of fire safety. However, did you know they need regular maintenance? Just like you change the oil on your …

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School building needs school intercom integrator in Houston

Benefits of School Intercom Integrator in Houston

Need a new intercom system? Work with a school intercom integrator in Houston! Intercoms are invaluable for schools. They help with day-to-day operations and are essential …

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woman on headset for life safety and security systems monitoring in Houston

Why Life Safety and Security Systems Monitoring in Houston?

If you own a commercial building, you’ve probably considered how to best keep your building and those inside safe. Life safety and security systems monitoring in …

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Fire fighters fighting fire after fire alarm in Houston alerted them to the emergency

Choosing the Right Commercial Fire Alarm in Houston

If you’re a building owner, you’ll need a fire alarm in Houston. Building codes require fire alarm systems to help reduce the risk to life and …

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wall mounted alarm for gas detection in Houston

Gas Detection in Houston Basics

There are several things you need to know about gas detection in Houston. While digital gas sensors are a modern invention, gas detection itself has been …

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fire extinguisher mounted to wall

Commercial Fire Extinguishers 101

If you own a business, you likely have fire extinguishers in your building. However, many people don’t realize how important these fire safety devices are! We’ve compiled a …

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