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Houston firefighter with fire truck responding to fire alarm systems

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems & Fire Zones

Fire alarm systems are essential for keeping people in your building safe. If a fire breaks out, these systems alert the fire department as well …

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nozzles for fire suppression systems in Houston

Sprinklers vs. Fire Suppression Systems in Houston

If a fire breaks out, do you have the systems in place to control or extinguish them? In most cases, commercial and industrial buildings must …

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person holding remote for nurse call systems in hospital bed

How Nurse Call Systems Improve Patient Safety

Nurse call systems are not just a code requirement for many healthcare facilities. They are an important part of ensuring patients are safe and happy. …

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fire alarm life safety solutions required by local laws

Life Safety Solutions: Equipment Your Building Needs

Life safety solutions are essential for all buildings. Not only do they help protect people from fires and other hazards, but the law often requires …

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alarm device for fire alarm systems in commercial building

Fire Alarm Systems: Addressable, Conventional, or Hybrid?

Fire alarm systems are required for most commercial buildings. They are essential for protecting lives and property from fires. Whether you’re building a new facility …

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nurses at nurse station with state-of-the-art nurse call systems

How to Choose Nurse Call Systems for Nursing Homes

Nurse call systems are an integral part of many healthcare facilities. These systems improve quality of care and patient safety and provide communication solutions between …

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front entrance to school with access control systems

Access Control Systems in Schools

Schools face many threats. Unauthorized people on school campuses can pose a danger to school buildings, equipment, staff, and students. Access control systems can help …

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Wilson Fire technician installing hard-wired fire alarm systems

Fire Alarm Systems: Hard-Wired vs. Wireless

Fire alarm systems are essential for keeping your facility safe. They are your first defense for early evacuation and fire suppression action. For proper protection, …

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keycard lock on door for access control systems

Access Control Systems for Doors Inside & Out

Access control systems are an important part of your facility’s physical security. These security solutions help keep unauthorized people out of your building or even …

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clean agent Houston fire suppression

Houston Fire Suppression System Maintenance Requirements

Houston fire suppression systems give you peace of mind that your people and property are protected against fires. These systems release suppressing agents to help …

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