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Smoke for fire alarm systems to detect and alert the building about.

Fire Alarm Systems: How Many Smoke Detectors Needed?

Smoke detectors are a critical part of commercial fire alarm systems. They are necessary for detecting fires so the system can sound the alarm and …

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Strobe and horn for fire alarm systems

Are Fire Alarm Systems Required by Insurance Policies?

Fire alarm systems are essential for alerting people to a fire in your building. Early fire detection can help avoid loss of life, injury, as …

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Pipes for Houston fire suppression systems

Halon Houston Fire Suppression Systems

Halon Houston fire suppression systems were incredibly common as a clean agent suppression option in the past. Many systems still exist today. However, since the …

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Patient in bed with recently maintained nurse call systems

Maintenance for Nurse Call Systems

Nurse call systems are a critical piece of equipment for healthcare facilities like hospitals and nursing homes. They provide a quick and effective way for …

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access control systems for a parking lot

Why Access Control Systems for Parking Lots

Access control systems help keep unauthorized people and potential criminals out of your building. One thing that many commercial and industrial property owners do to …

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pull handle for fire alarm systems

Are Your Fire Alarm Systems ADA Complaint?

If you’re installing, updating, or replacing your fire alarm systems, it’s essential to make sure that your new system meets standards set by the Americans …

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Nurses at station with nurse call systems

Reduce Alarm Fatigue with Modern Nurse Call Systems

Healthcare facilities rely on alarms and notifications to provide quality patient care. Nurse call systems are the star of these life-saving notifications that a patient …

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Houston firefighter with fire truck responding to fire alarm systems

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems & Fire Zones

Fire alarm systems are essential for keeping people in your building safe. If a fire breaks out, these systems alert the fire department as well …

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nozzles for fire suppression systems in Houston

Sprinklers vs. Fire Suppression Systems in Houston

If a fire breaks out, do you have the systems in place to control or extinguish them? In most cases, commercial and industrial buildings must …

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person holding remote for nurse call systems in hospital bed

How Nurse Call Systems Improve Patient Safety

Nurse call systems are not just a code requirement for many healthcare facilities. They are an important part of ensuring patients are safe and happy. …

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