Custom Life Safety Solutions for Your Building

Life safety solutions are essential for keeping people and property safe. As a building owner, you likely know that some life safety devices and systems are required by local codes and regulations. These are minimum standards for your building. However, for more comprehensive protection, you need to customize life safety systems to your building and application. 

How to Customize Life Safety Solutions to Your Facility

professionals creating blueprints for life safety solutions
Our professionals can help you customize life safety solutions to your building.

Customizing life safety systems involves conducting a thorough risk assessment for your facility. Different facilities have different safety risks. Therefore, it makes sense to sit down with a life safety specialist to list all of the potential safety hazards and the likelihood of each. From there, you can determine which life safety solutions you need for your building. There are several components of life safety systems to consider as you consider how to optimize your systems.

Houston Fire Suppression Types

Most fire codes require Houston fire suppression systems for commercial and industrial buildings. These systems help extinguish or reduce the severity of a fire in your building. You might be thinking of fire sprinklers right now, but there are many different types of fire suppression options to choose from. In many modern buildings, using water to control fires would actually cause significant damage to equipment like computers and machinery. Therefore, most facilities are moving toward clean agent fire suppression systems. You can discuss all the different options for your facility with your life safety system technicians. 

Fire and Security Alarms

Alarms are also important parts of a well-designed life safety system. In most cases, your building will have a few different types of alarms. Fire alarms are generally required for life safety and must meet specific criteria for compliance.

In addition to these, it may also make sense to install intruder alarms in your building for life safety. For instance, many schools today have intruder alarms due to safety concerns around school shootings. Industrial facilities may store hazardous materials that are integral for their processes, but may want to install access control systems and intruder alarms to prevent unauthorized use of those materials. These are just examples of how to customize life safety alarms to your building’s needs.

Gas Detection in Houston for Life Safety

In some cases, your facility may have other specific needs for life safety. For instance, gas detection in Houston is important for many industrial facilities. These devices help detect potentially harmful gases like carbon monoxide, hydrogen fluoride, or ammonia. This all depends on your application and what gas hazards may exist in your facility. For instance, even commercial buildings may need gas detection for carbon monoxide if you use equipment that burns fuel (like a gas water heater) or if you have an enclosed parking area. A life safety expert can help you determine if you need gas detection and what options are best for your building’s life safety solutions. 

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