Life Safety Solutions: Equipment Your Building Needs

fire alarm life safety solutions required by local laws
Life safety solutions help protect people in case of fire or another emergency.

Life safety solutions are essential for all buildings. Not only do they help protect people from fires and other hazards, but the law often requires them. In commercial buildings, there are several types of equipment you need to meet applicable life safety codes. We’ll discuss a couple of these components of your life safety system in this article. 

Life Safety Solutions: What is Required By Code?

As a building owner or property manager, you might wonder about code required life safety solutions. Generally speaking, most authorities adopt standards set forth by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) in their Life Safety Code. This code has standards for everything from the systems you need in your building to fire safe building construction. The goal is to protect human life in case of fires and other hazards. This code is extensive, but we’ll focus on fire alarms and suppression systems that fit code. Also, keep in mind that each authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) has different requirements, so you should always check with your local AJH. 

Fire Alarm Systems in Houston

Fire alarm systems in Houston are almost always required for commercial buildings. These systems detect a fire and alert occupants they need to evacuate. There are many rules about the type of alarm as well. For instance, most facilities need audio and visual alarm systems. The audible alarm must be at least 15 dB above the average sound levels of the building. For reference, most offices have a noise level of about 60 dB, which means alarms in these spaces should be at least 75 dB. The visual part of the alarm is usually a clear or white light that strobes during an alarm. 

Fire Suppression Systems in Houston

Also, fire suppression systems in Houston are often required in commercial buildings. When you think of these systems, you might picture sprinkler systems. However, clean agent fire suppression systems are becoming ever more popular because of the increasing number of electronics in the average workplace and public building. Clean agents help control and extinguish fires without water, usually by removing heat from the fire equation. Whatever suppression system you choose, these are an essential part of life safety because they help reduce the effects of a fire and can help prevent a fire from spreading while people are exiting the building. 

Optional Life Safety Solutions

Of course, many people don’t just do the bare minimum for life safety. There are also many other options that, while not required, can help you increase life safety for your building. For instance, code doesn’t typically require 24/7 alarm monitoring, but it is helpful. Monitoring can help reduce property damage in case of a fire while your building is unoccupied. 

Another optional addition to your life safety systems is a mass notification system. These systems allow you to send a mass alert (like through text, email, or phone call) to everyone in your building to notify them of the emergency. In schools, these systems often also notify parents of a situation.  Therefore, there are many customizations you can include for your facility to increase safety for your people and property.

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