Are Fire Alarm Systems Required by Insurance Policies?

Strobe and horn for fire alarm systems
Most codes require fire alarm systems.

Fire alarm systems are essential for alerting people to a fire in your building. Early fire detection can help avoid loss of life, injury, as well as property damage. As such, not only is it a good idea to have them in general, but it also can reduce risk to insurance companies. Some may reward you for having certain features in your fire alarm systems. If you’re wondering if you can get away without a fire alarm in your commercial building, the answer is no. It’s required by law at federal, state, and local levels. 

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Things to Know About Fire Alarm Systems and Business Insurance

If you’re wondering whether insurance companies require the buildings they insure to have fire alarm systems, the answer is usually yes. Generally speaking, insurance companies require you to follow all building codes and laws for coverage, and fire alarms are required by law in basically all commercial buildings. If you don’t have the alarms and a fire destroys your property, the policy details may allow them to deny coverage for the damages. 

However, it’s also important to note that some insurance companies offer discounts for certain types of fire alarm features. If you’re thinking of upgrading your life safety solutions, ask your insurer about any programs they offer. One common feature you might get a discount for is if your fire alarm systems have 24 hour central station monitoring. Basically, this means that someone is monitoring your system at all times, typically a 3rd party. Though, some large companies do employ their own monitoring personnel. 

Code-Required Fire Alarms

As we mentioned, there are minimum standards for fire alarms in commercial buildings. The exact rules depend on your occupancy type and local codes. However, basically all buildings must have a fire alarm that automatically triggers an alarm with any signs of a fire. They also generally need manual initiation methods as well in case someone sees a fire before the sensors can detect things like smoke and heat.  

Additionally, you also typically need fire suppression systems in Houston. Fire alarms tell people that there is a fire, while suppression systems work to contain, control, or extinguish the fire. For instance, sprinkler systems are commonly used to meet this requirement. However, keep in mind that fire sprinklers can release a lot of water at any given time, so you’ll likely be dealing with fire and water damage in the aftermath. With many of us now relying more and more on sensitive electronic equipment in workplaces, it may be better to choose a clean agent suppression system, which is safe on equipment and leaves no residue or damage behind.  

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