Fire Alarm Systems: Pull Stations for Fire Safety

Fire alarm systems are an important part of keeping people safe in your building. Commercial buildings must meet many criteria for life and fire safety. In most cases, this includes installing fire pull stations on the walls in your building. 

What are Fire Pull Stations? Why are they Part of Fire Alarm Systems?

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Pull stations allow someone to pull the handle to start fire alarm systems in case of fire.

What even are fire pull stations? These are essentially manual alarm initiators. When you pull the handle, your fire alarm systems sound to help those inside begin evacuation. These devices help in many different ways, including adding redundancy to your system. So, if automatic detection devices like smoke alarms and fire sensors don’t initiate, there’s still another way to begin the alarm. 

In addition, in many cases fire pull stations may help start the alarm earlier. Many fire detection systems and fire suppression systems in Houston require a certain amount of smoke or heat to initiate. In some cases, someone inside your building may see or suspect a fire before it reaches the point that triggers fire sensors. These precious seconds can make a world of difference when you have a fire in your facility. Early warning can help save lives and reduce property damage from fires. 

Fire Pull Station Requirements

While exact fire pull station requirements depend on your authority having jurisdiction (usually your local fire department), many facilities must meet the codes set forth by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA). NFPA 72 addresses several important details about how to use pull stations in your building. For example, most buildings need to have a pull station located within five feet of every exit. You also generally need at least one for every 200 feet of travel for each floor, so no one is ever more than 200 feet away from one of these devices. In addition, you want them to be conspicuous and easy to use. They should be mounted to the wall between 42 and 48 inches above the floor and are generally painted red. 

There are two basic types of fire pull stations you can use in your building: single action or dual action. Single action pull stations typically require you to simply pull the handle down to start the alarm. Dual action devices require you to use two steps to initiate the alarm, such as lifting up and pulling down or breaking a glass container and pulling the handle. In buildings where mischief or accidental triggering is a concern, most owners use dual action pull stations to help discourage false alarms. Our fire specialists can work with you to determine which pull stations best meet your needs.

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