Installation Technician

Job Title:
Installation Technician
Installation Technician shall have extensive knowledge of wiring and installation of various industry systems while becoming proficient in troubleshooting and programming. Technician to maximize profit by efficiency of time and quality installation. Technician to pursue continuing education and licensing to learn aspects of multiple disciplines.
Job Description:
  1. Coordinate with general contractor on-site for delivery, Installation of equipment, and testing of a project. 
  2. Complete a project start to finish with maximum potential for profit. 
  3. Be efficient with coordination of manpower to maximize results in the field. 
  4. Forecast project materials and equipment that is needed in a timely manner. 
  5. Maintain accurate as-builts as the job progresses.  
  6. Attend job site meetings and perform job specific safety training for you and your team. 
  7. Keep up with timesheets from your helpers that are working on the job site.  
  8. Maintain security for your tools and equipment being used on the job site.  


  • Be committed to make opportunities to better yourself. 
  • Perform the task that is asked of you and take pride in what you do. 
  • Be a leader, do the right thing even when no one is looking. 

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