Installation Foreman

Job Title:
Installation Foreman
An Installation Foreman is involved with the installation, programming, testing, field service, and training of Engineered Fire Alarm Systems. They will supervise Fire Detection/Suppression system installations in a cost-effective manner that comply with project specifications and current applicable codes and are installed with quality workmanship.
Job Description:

Roles and Responsibilities 

  1. Review project information on a new project. Be thoroughly familiar with project concept and design specifications. 
  2. Preform jobsite inspection to make sure system can be installed as designed. Report any conflicts to Project Manager or Installation Manager immediately in writing. 
  3. Be familiar with project site protocol (parking requirements, work hours, safety requirements, etc.) and ensure that WFE installers and subcontractors comply with same.  
  4. Keep track of project progress to ensure that WFE can man the job in a timely manner. 
  5. Make sure necessary installation materials are ordered and delivered to jobsite as necessary to ensure efficient installation.  
  6. Keep Project Manager informed of project progress to ensure the timely delivery of equipment. 
  7. Sign out equipment for the installation. 
  8. Ensure the equipment that is stored at the jobsite is secured against theft and vandalism.  
  9. Direct and assist installers on all aspects of installation. 
  10.  Direct and supervise subcontractors when applicable.  
  11. Coordinate with customer and other contractors as required to meet project requirements. 
  12. Coordinate with customer and other contractors as required to meet project requirements. 
  13. Inform Project Manager in writing of any necessary changes in system design immediately. 
  14. Inform Project Manager in writing immediately of any changes in project schedule.  
  15. Obtain customer sign offs as necessary. 
  16. Maintain as-builts throughout project. 
  17. Check and verify completed as-builts before turning in to Engineering. 
  18. Write software programs as required for addressable/intelligent systems. 
  19. Test/verify operation of all devices and functions of a system before final test with customer/AHJ. 
  20. Perform acceptance test with customer/AHJ as required by State/local codes. 
  21. Sign installation certificates/stickers as required by State/local codes. 

 Technical Requirements:

  • NICET Level II in “Fire Alarm Systems” 
  • NICET Level II in “Special Hazards” 
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience 
  • Good computer skills 
  • Class A extinguisher license (FEL) 
  • FAL technician license

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